Custom Sweatshirts - Design Your Own Sweats & Hoodies (2024)

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Custom Sweatshirts - Design Your Own Sweats & Hoodies (20)

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Custom Ink is the custom sweatshirts expert for your team, school, company, or any occasion. You can make your own crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, zip-hoodie, quarter-zip hoodie, or even fleece pullovers in our best-in-class Design Lab or choose from thousands of our free design templates. Our Design Lab also makes it easy to create personalized sweatshirts complete with names and/or numbers. So, relax, have fun and let our sweatshirt printing experts do the rest. We've got everything you need to create custom-made sweatshirts your friends will love.

Custom Ink's Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom sweatshirt cost?

The price of a custom sweatshirt depends on a handful of things, like the sweatshirt you choose, the total number of sweatshirts you’re ordering, and the number of ink colors included in your design. To make ordering as easy as possible, Custom Ink created a super-easy-to-use Quick Quote tool that makes knowing your total cost a breeze!

What kinds of sweatshirts can I design on?

Custom Ink has a huge offering of sweatshirts to choose from and design on, such as hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, full zip sweatshirts, and heavyweight sweatshirts. We also proudly offer performance hoodies for on-the-go, premium sweatshirts for a refined look, and even super trendy options like crop top sweatshirts.

How many sweatshirts do I have to order?

Looking for just one sweatshirt? Custom Ink has you covered. You can order as few as one in several sweatshirt styles like the crewneck, hoodie, or quarter zip.

How will my sweatshirt design be printed?

Your custom sweatshirt order will be printed using the best method for your order’s unique needs. Your sweatshirt will be printed using either a screen printer or a direct-to-garment (also referred to as a digital printer). Screen printing is great for applying multiple layers of ink directly to a sweatshirt or product and a direct-to-garment printer carefully applies ink directly to shirts, kind of like your printer at home!

Where can I add a design to my sweatshirt?

We offer some great options for design placement on sweatshirts and hoodies beyond the traditional front and back. If you’re ordering six or more sweatshirts, you can add designs to the sleeves or, if you’re designing on a hoodie, directly to the hood. If you want help with adding a design to your sweatshirt sleeves or hood, just give us a call at 855-563-7465

How do I add other sweatshirt types to my order?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to add a variety of different sweatshirts to your order. Once you’ve perfected your design in our Design Lab, find the “Add Products” icon in the bottom left-hand corner. A window will appear with complementary styles, such as ladies or youth, but the options don’t end there. You can browse our entire catalog and swap colors right from the lab.

Custom Sweatshirts - Design Your Own Sweats & Hoodies (2024)


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