Is PK Shoes Legit & Reliable? A Breakdown! (2024)

Who doesn’t love owning more than a few pairs of fabulous shoes? But, the issue is that shoes are often one of the most difficult things to shop for.

There are so many styles, colors, and brands that it can get hard to know where to start.

That’s why the most crucial step is to find a retailer that has a lot of options for you.

While the markets are flooded with shops selling excellent footwear, today, we’ll be talking about PK shoes.

PK shoes has been on a roll lately, with some people being all praises about it while others being suspicious.

So, we thought it was our duty to find the truth and bring it to our readers.

Let’s see if PK Shoes is legit or another scam company!

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What is PK-Shoes?

As the name suggests, PK Shoes is a US-based company specializing in running shoes.

PK Shoes is not a brand, so it doesn’t manufacture its own shoes. Instead, it’s more of an import/Export E-Commerce business.

The company majorly deals in Nike and Adidas shoes, now. However, it plans to expand its product lines in the coming years.

The company has four main categories of shoes available on its website, which include the Air Jordan Series, Yeezy Series, Nike, and Air Max Series.

With a vast assortment of differently styled shoes, the company offers worldwide shipping.

Why Are PK-Shoes Cheaper than the Market?

While the company sells branded Nike and Adidas shoes, their prices are much lower than what you have to pay in the market.

This makes one wonder if they are selling genuine products or high-quality knockoffs of the real things.

Fortunately, all of the products sold by PK Shoes are 100% genuine. Their low prices are because the company has hired numerous purchasing agents throughout different countries.

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These agents make comparisons based on global prices and then purchase bulk stock from wherever they find it cheapest.

Most of the time, this stock comes from Hong Kong and Korea, which happen to have manufacturing units of these brands. So, the company gets a pretty good deal buying from there.

Another reason is that the company uses its resources to get access to footwear having minor defects that are barely visible.

However, the company informs the buyer of the defect at the time of selling, so it’s not like you’ll be kept in the dark.

Is PK Shoes Legit?

Let’s look at the company from various aspects to find out if it’s legit.

  • Product Quality

While it does sell some faulty items, the shoes sold by the company are 100% original. We came across various online platforms to find out about the quality of its shoes and found most of the customer reviews to be positive.

The company sells a broad selection of shoes that are displayed on its website and its Facebook page. Plus, all of the designs belong to the latest collections, that too at very affordable prices.

So, in terms of product quality, PK Shoes is a downright winner.

  • Customer Service

Customer Service has the ability to make or break a business. We were so glad when we found out that PK Shoes is really invested in customer satisfaction.

The company has provided several ways to get to them. If you are in a hurry and need an urgent response, you can avail of the chat option on their website or Facebook page.

In addition, their website contains a US contact number that you can use for quick queries. If your matter is not that pressing, you can also email them.

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What’s even better is that they have provided two different emails for service and after-sale. So, you can pick one as per the nature of your query.

According to the customers, the company is very active in responding to customer queries and issues and tries its best to resolve them as soon as possible.

  • Return/Exchange Policy

The company has a very comprehensive return/exchange policy with a warranty period of 30 days and 15 days for 3C products and non-3C products, respectively.

You won’t even have to pay for the shipping charges if you return your purchase within the recommended warranty period.

The company also offers after-sale service on its products, the details of which can be checked on their website.

All in all, the company has provided an efficient system that makes returns and exchanges easier for customers instead of being a hassle.

  • Transparency

A company that is not transparent about its dealings with its customers cannot be considered a trustworthy company.

This is not the case with PK Shoes, fortunately! The company has provided all of the necessary information on its website.

From the source of their products to the reason for their lower prices, every little piece of information is available on their website.

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The company has also provided multiple ways to track them, including their US and China addresses, contact numbers, and emails.

They have also clearly mentioned that they often sell defective pieces, hence the lower prices.

  • Website

The trust score of a website is one of the key determinants of a business’s authenticity. We checked the trust score of PK shoes on different platforms, and most results came out positive.

In addition to being very old, the website has a valid SSL certificate, and its domain name has been registered in advance for another year.

The website has also been approved safe by DNSFilter and has no phishing or malware.

The Final Word

Shoes are a big purchase decision and one that should be taken very seriously. This is why it is essential to shop for them with the right mindset and be prepared to pay for a quality product that will last.

Luckily, PK Shoes brings you both quality and affordability. With a wide range of designs, the company offers worldwide shipping, extraordinary customer service, and easy to avail return policy.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will last for a long time without costing you an arm and a leg, PK Shoes might be your best bet.

Is PK Shoes Legit & Reliable? A Breakdown! (2024)


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